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Building strong, market-focused & productive
Sales organizations 

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SO Productive!

We are entrepreneurs, sales managers, ambitious professionals, the people who have the passion and grit to achieve their dreams.  We enjoy helping our clients succeed, but find it increasingly difficult to grow our business and develop sales people, while also keeping up with the changing markets.  We know it's time to take our businesses to the next level, one where we systematically build knowledge and superior experiences for our clients.  One that is organized and focused with a strong sales organization that is unified and motivated to achieve its goals.  We are S.O. Productive. 

S.o. Productive

  • ​Membership site To watch videos at your own pace
  • ​Mobile App to help monitor sales activities, discover bottlenecks and measure sales productivity
  • ​D​esigned specifically for B2B businesses that sell​ in a dynamic and competitive markets 
  • ​Get proven processes to build knowledge, improve productivity and reinforce your culture and strategies​ 
  • ​Learn & document your market's buying​ journey Create​ your strategies and reinforce them through your market-focus and sales execution​  
  • ​Templates, tools, frameworks & processes to quickly ​put ​into action and see results
  • ​Builds marketing competence and guide sales management with CRM implementation,​ new initiative process & leadership tips


  • Webinars and group coaching that interrupt your work schedule
  • No convenient way to assess and monitor sales productivity
  • ​Generalized lessons serving vastly different types of businesses, leaving it up to you to digest, extract and create processes to fit your business
  • No processes to properly manage initiatives, identify opportunities and build pertinent market knowledge
  • ​No ​processes to build a market-focused culture that identifies new opportunities and the corresponding winning strategies 
  • ​Lessons that do not foster inclusivity, thereby requiring significant effort and time from management to implement a system
  • ​Courses designed for individual ​success​, rather than focusing on the success of the whole sales organization

We are always fighting time, so let's do something to win it back 

Everything you read and all the advice you get about business tells you to define your values to build a strong culture; become market-focused to create winning differentiation strategies; provide sales training to maximize results;  and use processes and tools to help manage and coach your sales team to success.

Are You
Fighting time?

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This sounds easy and sure makes a lot of sense, but everyone’s advice and information is generalized to serve the needs of all business. This means it is up to you to pull all of this together to teach, manage, motivate and forge into a self-sustaining system. It means it’s going to take a lot of time, time you are already fighting with.

Well, now there is a program built specifically for small B2B businesses that sell complex or technical solutions. The program provides more than the foundational knowledge, it guides you with examples, processes, tools and templates that are relevant to your business. In short order you will have a strong, focused and productive sales organization and with that foundation, you'll gain the confidence to grow your business and finally start winning back the time to do the things you love.

Our Manifesto

Some say to grow your business, just hire some salespeople and spend money on marketing. ...Well, successful business owners and sales managers know that is often the biggest mistake small businesses make.

Your sales people are the face of your organization and if they are not equipped to sell your solutions and properly convey your value to clients, you will quickly erode your company’s brand and reputation not to mention the loss in revenue and productivity as you attempt to build your sales organization.

SOP understands that in order for sales people selling B2B solutions to have success, they need to not only know their products and services, they need to know:

  • ​Their customer's buying journey and corresponding pain points
  • ​Their company’s unique selling points vs the competition
  • ​Sales tactics & techniques for selling solutions​

Now if this sounds simple it is not, because the real key to growth is sustaining itand for this to happen your new hires will need to fit into your culture and become inspired through success and feel valued, respected and encouraged to participate in the organization’s evolution.

So before you start thinking about growing your business, you’ll want to ...

  • ​Have a way to build a market-focused culture that can quickly​ adapt to market changes
  • ​Have inclusive processes and a common language​ to share ideas, successes and failures
  • ​Have the systems in place to build a productive sales organization​ that can maximize its time selling​

Sure you can find all kinds of information online to help guide you through this journey, but it will feel like a firehose of information and then you’ll need to extract the right parts for your business, put it into a system and continually refine it.

If you don’t have time for all of that, I have a better way.

You DoN't Need To Be A Sales expert to build a strong & Productive sales organization

It turns out many entrepreneurs did not come from a sales or marketing background, but they understand certain customer problems and know how to solve them.  They are skilled at what they do, have a passion to serve their customers and envision a fun and productive work environment.  But more import, they understand the limits of their abilities and knowledge and are willing to seek help to reach their goals faster.  These are the people that unlock their true potential and gain the confidence to drive forward and achieve their dreams.  These are the type of people that become S.O. Productive.

Small Business Owners, Sales Managers & Aspiring Sales People

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