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Successful businesses know that growth is rooted in its strategy and sales execution. But over time our strategies need to evolve to match the company’s values, goals and market needs. This requires teamwork, leadership, market knowledge, data collection and competent sales people to execute the new strategies in an efficient way. It’s a lot to coordinate and that is why most B2B businesses simply wing it.

Winging it may work in the early stages of business, but eventually the leaders of the business find themselves working harder and harder to simply keep up with the daily tasks, evolving technology and changing markets. Eventually the owners succumb to the fact that the only way to push through this wall is by building a motivated and focused sales organization.

This however is a significant undertaking that requires the business to formalize its mission and strategies as well as implement effective and efficient sales processes to track sales activities, transactions and customer feedback. In addition, it is also important to provide training to ensure that they are well-equipped with the core sales concepts, product information, customer service skills, and the various processes.

Business owners that are driven to get their business to this next level often resort to doing the work themselves and then command and control their employees to follow their procedures. This seems sensible, but most get frustrated with the distractions to the business and how long it takes to see results.  I know because I've been there!

However, after successfully fighting through all of these challenges, I discovered there is a better, faster and less risky wayto build a motivated and focused sales organization - and that is with a system.  A system that builds the necessary foundations for your business while at the same time preparing, teaching and motivating sales.  We call this system S.O. Productive and now that my new mission is to serve similar B2B businesses, I’ve decided to offer my system in three different service models.

S.O. Productive's Outcomes 

  • inclusive processes that Attract, motivate and Retain Talented employees
  • ​A Common Language To Improve sales & Marketing Communication
  • ​Learn how to consistently articulate your company values
  • ​Processes To Build Market Focus & Marketing Competence
  • ​Learn How To Think Strategically And Run a Strategy Session
  • ​Mobile App To ​discover Bottlenecks & Monitor Sales Productivity 
  • ​Leadership & Management Tips to guide you to success
  • ​​Flywheel process to Logically prioritize Initiatives & promote inclusion
  • ​Processes to continually reinforce the teachings & culture 
  • ​Learn the proven Solution Selling processes & sales Techniques
  • ​How to create sales pitches, value proposition statements & prospecting
  • ​Get Structure for your sales pipelines, Forecasting & cRM Implementation
  • ​frameworks, Templates, & Process To quickly Get Things In Motion 
  • ​build a Market-focused, productive & Profitable sales organization  

3 Ways we can deliver s.O. Productive

S.O. Productive

sop components with sop.png

This is the DIY version of S.O. Productive.  This program consist of 4 modules and several assets to quickly get your sales organization on the path to becoming a market-focused and productive.   

S.O. Productive


This is the DWY version of S.O. Productive.  With this option, you will get the same 4 modules and assets, but you also get 5 hours of 1 on 1 coaching.  The coaching will be conducted remotely and you can apply the 4 hours in numerous ways.  This option is more expensive, but if you value time over money and want some guidance throughout your transformation, this is your best option.    

S.O. Productive
"fractional mgmt"

fractional mgmt png

This is the DFY version of S.O. Productive.  With this option, you will get the same 4 modules and assets, but you also get a part-time sales manager committed to growing your business.  This option is not suited for everyone, so it starts with an application and consultation.  It also requires monthly fees, but this cost is often less than half of what a full-time sales manager would cost.   

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