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CRM Implementation

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The S.O. Productive program was spawned by a simple mission to help small B2B type businesses succeed - especially those that sell technical products and solutions.  I know how difficult it is to keep up with the changing markets and technology while also evolving your strategies, messaging, sales aids and sales processes. It requires good and focused strategies, an inclusive culture, processes and tools and that takes a lot of time and energy.  But I've been in those shoes before and developed a framework that interweaves the knowledge, processes, tools & sales training into easily digestible modules.  So stop neglecting this most important part of business and start becoming So Productive!

Websites, Funnels & know how

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Let's face the fact that people use the internet to research solutions and verify the reputation of businesses.  So if you want to generate leads or online revenue, your business needs to be able to quickly and affordably build and manage its sites and funnels. This is a challenge for small businesses that have limited time, money and knowledge, and that is why you should consider this service.  You see, we can not only quickly build your sites and funnels, we can show you how to do it yourself and save a lot of time and money.  With the right platform, training resources and personal guide, it's much easier than you think.  So stop putting your marketing efforts on hold and let's start building your own marketing machine.

Success Is Really Possible if you want....

To Offer The Best Products & Solutions And Be The First To talk about them

differentiated offerings to Minimize the competition and maximize profits 

a Motivated, focused & Productive Sales Organization

to build knowledge around you to make the business stronger and free up time to do the things you love

sales to Share Experiences and make contributions to the Organization's strategies 

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