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You put long hours and sweat into your business and its growing.  But now you are being pulling in too many directions and having a difficult time driving the business forward.  It is now time to prepare for growth, but you've never built, managed or coached a sales team - let alone molded a culture that is driven to adapt with the ever changing markets.

Deep down you know you need help, but it feels risky to hire without a plan or knowledge on how to proceed.  What you need is a system to guide you and give you confidence in this most important stage of your business.  What you need is S.O. Productive  

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S.O. Productive's
strategy for your Success starts with a system 

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Strategy Module

Learn How To Think Strategically & Run Your Own Inclusive Strategy Sessions

  • ​Gain Confidence With Your Strategies
  • Bring Focus to the sales organization
  • Properly present ​New strategies
  • Reinforce An Inclusive Culture
  • ​Know What data to collect
  • ​Identify & Prioritize Initiatives to execute strategies
  • ​teach sales how to identify & Present new opportunities 

Culture Module

Learn How To Build A Market-Focused Culture & develop unique value propositions that Differentiates Your Business From The competition

  • ​​Create & align Value Propositions with your market's buying Journey
  • ​Learn how to document deals to identify your strengths, weaknesses and market changes
  • ​Know how to ​​Propose Initiatives, value Propositions & strategies to the team
  • ​learn now to gain insights before entering new markets
  • ​arm sales with the knowledge to sell solutions ​

Flywheel Module

Get an Inclusive Process & template To Document, Discuss & Prioritize Growth or productivity Initiatives

  • ​Gain Confidence With Your Strategies
  • Bring Focus to the sales organization
  • ​Provide a logical way of presenting ideas, strategies & initiatives
  • develop critical thinking skills for better decisions making
  • ​spur participation & identify your future​ managers
  • Reinforce teamwork & provide a platform to share knowledge

Sales Module

Develop & Prepare You Sales Pitches, Hooks & Stories, learn The Solution Selling Framework, The Best sales & Prospecting Tactics, CRM Pipeline Structure, Forecasting & Sales Management

  • ​Develop & share the right messaging
  • ​Focus on the right deals & Win More
  • ​learn consultative selling & Prospecting Techniques
  • ​How to Use The Productivity App To Discover ​Productivity Bottlenecks
  • ​​sales management​ & coaching Tips and processes
  • ​CRM Implementation & Forecasting ​

* S.O. Productive's Marketing module will be offered at a later date 

You DoN't Need To interrupt business to transform it 


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