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S.O. Productive
Mobile App

sop app on phone

In order to improve sales productivity you need to know where they spend their time.  I've tried using CRMs to log these details, but that ends up hurting productivity and frustrating the sales team.  So I set out to create an easier way.  One that only consumes about a minute a day and is easily accessible through your smart phone.  It's simple to use, the data is stored on your google sheets and it doesn't require monthly fees. Too good to be true? Well click the button over there and check it out. ➡ 

workflow / documentation tool

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As your business grows, you'll surely have more procedures, new-hire training, customer tutorials and product updates.  If you are documenting all this the old way, with video capture, screen shots or typed documents you will certainly be draining your business's productivity.  So, if you want to combat this productivity drain, check out this new solution.  It will free up tons of time and it is so simple to use, you'll be wondering why it took so long for this product to come along.


crm sop glow on black png

CRMs are incredibly powerful and have become the main tool for any sales team. The tool should not only keep sales organized, it should focus them and dramatically improve productivity.  The problem however is that they are often implemented haphazardly. A good implementation requires a strong business foundation, a common language and understood sales processes.  Well, all that happens with S.O. Productive and since I love the simplicity, affordability and power of this CRM, I wanted to share it and show you how to quickly implement this CRM with the S.O. Productive system.  

Communication /phone Platform 

communication platform png

Phone systems have sure changed a lot the past 5 years and if you still just look at a phone systems as a way to just make and receive phone calls, you maybe missing out on a great opportunity to supercharge your organization's productivity.  Features like video calls, screen sharing, voice transcriptions and Ai analytics will not only help your sales people move faster and communicate more effectively, management will have what the tools necessary to coach and manage their sales organization to success. 

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sales to Share Experiences and make contributions to the Organization's strategies 

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